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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Custom glass decor elevates the profile of any room, transforming a mundane piece of furniture into a work of art. Glass tabletops are particularly attractive, not only for their appearance, but for the versatility and preservation features they bring.

Trust The Benefits Of Experience

Glass Doctor® of Beltsville provides support and service for every step of your custom glass decor creation and installation. We start with a consultation to determine the exact dimensions of the piece of glass you need. Our experts at Glass Doctor of Beltsville will then walk you through all of your design options, so you have a piece of glass you love. We leave no detail of the glasswork untouched. We’ll show you the best edgework choices for your design theme, and how to choose a tint that’s right for the room. We’ll finish our consultation with a selection of glass that’s the proper thickness for your needs, while eliminating glass related safety hazards.

Custom Glass Is Versatile

Graphic of different glass edges

At Glass Doctor of Beltsville, we’ve created custom glass decor for our clients to be used as:

  • Sophisticated dining room tables
  • Coffee tables with a showcase pane
  • Refinishing older pieces of furniture
  • Backlight custom shelving

Each piece we craft is unique to the client, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece that your friends and family will love and envy.

Glass Protection

One of the concerns about custom glass decor is safety, but with modern glass technology, our glass can protect children and animals from breakage related injury. Our safety glass adheres to the highest industry standards, and we provide both tempered and laminated glass options. Both types of glass prevent injuries by eliminating jagged glass shards.

Tinted glass offers protection for your belongings. Natural light can cause your furniture to fade, but your tinted glass blocks the sunlight, which will keep your furniture bright and vibrant.

Custom Shelves

A well designed shelf can tie a room together, and give you a place to showcase your pictures or personal treasures. Our custom shelving allows you the freedom and flexibility to design a set of shelves that address your specific needs.

Custom shelves transform a room through:

  • Creating a central focal point or accent point to draw the attention of guests
  • Eliminating wasted space taken up with storage
  • Providing you a customizable configuration of heights, so your favorite pictures, collectibles or artwork will always fit
  • Utilizing a broad color and design palette that matches your personality and style

At Glass Doctor of Beltsville we thrive on building custom glass decor for our clients. Talk to one of our representatives to schedule a consultation, and find out how glass can revitalize your home.