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Clear Choice Protectant

Few homeowners enjoy cleaning chores. To make life simpler, Glass Doctor® of Battle Creek, MI, suggests homeowners consider the benefits of our Clear Choice™ protectant. The treatment makes surfaces resistant to both oil and water staining; reducing the amount of scrubbing needed to thoroughly clean a variety of surface materials in a home. Clear Choice is designed to reduce soap scum and hard water stains on most solid surfaces used in bathrooms and similar areas.

Staying Ahead of Harmful Stains

Bathroom areas, including sinks, showers and bathtubs, typically experience staining from several sources. Over time, even repeated scrubbing may not remove all the stains. In addition, using harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaning products may mar glass, tile and porcelain. Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, professionals work with you to protect your home investment. A one-time application of Clear Choice protectant provides a smooth, easy-to-clean barrier protecting surfaces from:

  • Deposits from hard water
  • Staining from water-borne minerals
  • Contaminants in the environment
  • Wear damage

Investing in a glass treatment protects shower doors, windows, countertops and similar furnishings from damage.

Benefits for Homeowners

Since even the hardest materials used for bathroom fixtures and furnishings are subject to scratching and other damage, taking advantage of a protectant like Clear Choice offers distinct benefits for you and your family.

  • The likelihood of experiencing mold and mildew is significantly reduced, meaning family members are not subjected to health hazards associated with those substances.
  • Clear Choice users enjoy surfaces that are not cloudy or dull.
  • Hard water etching is a worry of the past.
  • Protected surfaces are resistant to typical staining, scratching or impact damage.
  • Clear Choice is environmentally friendly.
  • Best of all, the protected areas require less frequent cleaning.

Clear Choice glass treatment provided by Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, is readily available now, and our experts will visit your home to analyze your specific needs.

Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, professionals recommend protecting your investment any time new shower doors or enclosures are installed. However, existing fixtures will enjoy the same benefits when Clear Choice is selected. For a free consultation, contact Glass Doctor of Battle Creek, MI, or call 1-866-318-9304 for additional information.