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Industry Glass Solutions

Smart business owners take advantage of the industry glass repair services Glass Doctor® of Baton Rouge has designed for repairs on commercial facilities. Our specialists offer emergency repair and replacement services on glass damage that can have your business facility back up and running immediately. If you enroll in our Commercial Care program, you can take advantage of our after-hours response. Business clients are given discounts on glass repair, including 15% off vehicle glass repairs. Any business can benefit from a partnership with Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge.

Rental Properties

If you need repairs for glass fixtures on your apartment or condo, Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge can offer custom services to meet your needs. Not only do our specialists offer repair and replacement services, but they can also help you upgrade fixtures. Contact Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge for custom glass solutions for every space on your site, including community rooms and gym facilities.

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Restaurant and Bar Glass

Restaurant owners need to keep glass fixtures looking professional and safe to maintain an attractive appearance for customers. Whether you need expert service on indoor or outdoor glass fixtures, our specialists will provide timely assistance. We offer our business clients a variety of options that are perfect for restaurant facilities, including tinted glass, decorative glass and glass on special fixtures like atriums and sliding doors.

Educational Facilities

School rooms need to have safe and functional glass installation, especially in science laboratories, offices and conference rooms. Keeping kids safe and encouraging achievement are the priorities in any school. Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge ensures school and university facilities maintain the highest level of safety without sacrificing a beautiful learning environment. Ask us to create a custom display case to showcase student achievements.

Retail Establishments

Retail glass services offered by our specialists provide area business owners with entryway repair, plate glasswork, retrofitted low-energy glass and low maintenance glass. Keep your establishment operating efficiently and looking great with the glass care we offer on windows and doors. Also, you can rely on us for service on specialty retail fixtures like dressing rooms, shelving units and display cases. Choose from among our etched, stained, fire-resistant and other glass options to get a glass fixture custom-designed for the unique needs of your store.

Glass Fixtures at Hospitality Establishments

Business owners operating hospitality establishments need to give guests the best possible overnight experiences with elegant and luxurious room features. Keeping mirror, window and bathroom glass properly serviced is important to garnering enthusiastic guest reviews. Hotels and motels typically include a wide variety of different glass fixtures like showers, pool areas and locker rooms. Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge provides a one-stop solution for diverse glass care needs.

City and Municipal Facilities

It's important that municipal and city facilities stay open to provide important resources to the public. Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge offers fire-rated safety glass that's ideal for city and municipal facilities. Other services our specialists offer include remodel and new construction work. Those in need of industry glass repair will enjoy our expedited purchase options and our specialty glass care services.

To learn more about the industry glass care services offered by Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge, contact us with your inquiry.