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Double Pane Windows

Insulated glass windows offer huge benefits for homeowners. They add value to a home and they increase the energy efficiency of the home's heating and cooling systems. Double pane windows, a type of insulated glass, exclude unwanted hot or cold air, and seal in the preferred air that is properly conditioned.

Insulated glass window installation is especially effective against the humid conditions that often plague the Baton Rouge area, keeping the humidity outdoors and air conditioning indoors. Glass Doctor® of Baton Rouge has a full line of double pane windows available for window replacement.

Insulated Glass Architecture

double pane window

Insulated glass consists of at least two panes of glass in a framework separated by a spacer, which acts to maintain a constant distance between the two panes. Often the spacer is filled with desiccant, a moisture absorbing material, which works to keep the area dry between the panes. Moisture between the panes causes problems with the frame and the glass. There can also be an inert gas such as argon or krypton injected in this space to provide additional insulation for the unit. The panes of glass are cemented into the framework with a sealant to maintain the moisture-free integrity of the structure and to ensure that the gases do not escape.

Insulated Glass Replacement

If no damage has been done to the panes of glass, but the seal has broken creating a draft, resealing the window will repair the damage. If you notice that the window has become cloudy or milky-looking, this is an indication that the seal integrity has been compromised and a pane replacement is necessary. Likewise, if the gas has leaked out or the frame has been damaged, call Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge to get this repaired quickly. In cases where the glass itself has been damaged, this is more likely to warrant a full replacement of the insulated glass window. Our specialists will perform them quickly with no surprise costs attached.

Trustworthy glass service

Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge delivers the most reliable and professional service in the area, whether your windows need minor repair work or full replacement. You can count on the products and the professional service of qualified Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge specialists. Call or book an appointment online today!