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Door Closer Repair Service

Every time a potential customer or client walks through your front doors, they form opinions about your business. If a door is hard to open or it slams shut behind them, they may assume you cut corners on quality, safety and customer service. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of Baton Rouge has a variety of service solutions for this particular problem area.

As a locally owned business, we understand the value of first impressions and high-quality glass installations. We also know that door glass isn't the only important part of your storefront. You rely on fully functioning door closers to ensure your doors are safe and easy to use. Fortunately, we offer door closer repair services that allow our team to guarantee they function perfectly.

What Door Closers Do

Door closers are mechanical systems that should provide an appropriate amount of resistance every time a door is opened. This resistance tells people how heavy your door is, preventing injuries and allowing them to use the appropriate amount of force. After this initial push or pull, the door gently swings open, inviting your potential customers inside. Finally, a strong spring within the door closer will put pressure on an arm that pushes the door closed again.

Signs You Need Door Closer Repair

Damaged door closers may apply too much or too little force, or create additional problems as a result of these malfunctions. Schedule a door closer repair service if any of the following are true:

  • The door closer isn't the right type: If your springs aren't strong enough to support a heavy-duty door, we will remove your door closer and install a stronger mechanism to restore function and safety.
  • The door or door closer is poorly aligned: If your door doesn't align perfectly with the doorframe or door closer, it may have installed it incorrectly. Misalignment causes dents, scrapes and abnormal and unexpected movements. We will reinstall your door closer using precise tools and measurements.
  • The door closer is leaking oil: Oil lubricates your door closer's spring and arm, so it's important to maintain the right oil levels to prevent dangerous slamming and inconvenient sticking. If you notice leaking oil, you most likely have broken hardware or missing pieces.
  • The door is hard to lock: In addition to door closer repair, we provide lock repair services to prevent long-term damage to your doorframe and door closer. If your door is difficult to lock or unlock, we will restore your safety by diagnosing and fixing the problem.

Of course, Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge will also help you prevent future repairs by maintaining your door closers throughout the year. We will refill your oil, check your springs and other hardware, replace missing screws and rings, and make sure there are no additional problems causing damage to your door frame or door closer. Call us at (225) 304-0177 to learn more about our door closer repair and maintenance services.