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Clear Choice Protectant

When you make the decision to upgrade your bathroom from tile and laminate and replace your moldy shower curtain with a glass door, you're making a significant investment in the room. Without proper care and protection, however, your beautiful granite countertops and custom glass shower door will become dirty and damaged beyond repair. Glass treatment from Glass Doctor® of Baton Rouge protects the expensive surfaces in your home, and keeps them looking like new for years to come.

Treat Your Surfaces

Glass treatment from Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge is the application of Clear Choice™ protectant to nearly any surface in your bathroom and throughout your home. This includes porcelain toilets, floor or wall tile, granite countertops, glass doors or mirrors, and virtually any other surface in the bathroom. Results are best on surfaces with a silica base, though the treatment can be used on other surfaces.

Benefits of Treatment

Clear Choice adds a water repellant layer to the surface, which does not allow water or oil to stick. Because the moisture doesn't stay on the glass for an extended period of time, harmful chemicals, like mineral deposits and soap scum, don't have a chance to stain the bathroom surfaces.

A glass treatment makes the surfaces much easier to clean. Rather than using strong chemical cleaners to wipe out tough stains, you're able to wash the surfaces clean with a mild detergent and a washcloth. A single Clear Choice treatment from Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge lasts up to five years.

Choose Clear Choice

Clear Choice is the most popular glass treatment on the market because it delivers long-term results for homeowners on a wide variety of surfaces. Homeowners with Clear Choice glass treatments experience benefits, like:

  • Better appearance: Your surfaces maintain their shine and showroom luster for up to five years after each treatment.
  • Damage resistant: The Clear Choice treatment prevents minor incidental damage from scratching or impact with your surfaces.
  • No hard water stains: Hard water and soap stains destroy the appearance and value of bathroom surfaces. Hard water cannot stick to surfaces subjected to a glass treatment.
  • Fewer and easier cleanings: Your smooth surfaces can be cleaned with the wipe of a washcloth most days, and will rarely require more than a mild detergent.
  • No harsh chemicals: Reduce the number of deadly and environmentally damaging chemical cleaners you keep in your home.
  • Home health: Shower doors are breeding grounds for dangerous mold and harmful bacteria, because of the availability of moisture. Glass treatments eliminate the water those organisms need to live, and helps to keep your home and family healthy.

Our Expertise

Our experts at Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge are experienced in custom glass creation, installation and treatments. Contact us for a free consultation.