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Auto Glass Care

At Glass Doctor® of Baton Rouge, our highly trained team of professionals are able to repair sunroofs, mirrors, windshields, side and rear windows quickly and efficiently. We take care of the paperwork and make sure the entire process is smooth and stress-free. Technological advances in automotive glass have evolved to include both rain and humidity sensors, temperature gauges and radio antennas. We know how to deal with each of these features and will repair or replace your window accordingly. It is our goal to restore the integrity of the windshield as well as improve the clarity of the glass. It takes our auto glass experts less than an hour to repair most small cracks and chips. Best of all, the cost of windshield repair is often waived due to most insurance companies covering our services. Count on our team to repair and restore your auto glass.

Windshield Care

Cracks in a car's windshield should not be ignored. Many people do not realize the amount of support the windshield actually offers to the vehicle. In a rollover accident, it is responsible for up to 60% of the vehicle's structural integrity. In front end collisions, it can account for as much as 45% depending on the make and model of the car. When it comes to auto glass care, your panes must be properly maintained at all times.

Professional Auto Glass Care

Automotive glass manufacturers do not use laminated glass in passenger windows or back glass. Laminated glass breaks into shards that have sharp edges and points, which can easily cause traumatic injury. Instead, most vehicles have tempered glass. This type of glass breaks into small chunks that have few sharp edges. The professionals at Glass Doctor of Baton Rouge will replace your tempered glass windows in a short period of time. Due to safety features that cause it to shatter on impact, repairing tempered glass is not an option. In most cases, quarter glass, back glass, sunroofs and passenger windows are manufactured using tempered glass for the safety of the vehicle's occupants.

Extra Auto Glass Protection

​Glass Doctor includes the Windshield Protection Plan with each windshield it replaces. If you would prefer to have more protection, for an additional cost, we also offer comprehensive guarantee packages. In addition to the original coverage, labor costs, Clear Choice™ protectant glass treatment and new windshield wipers are included in our premier plan. The Clear Choice treatment reduces the risk of scratches, water stains, weathering, the build-up of mineral deposits and the abrasive effects of environmental pollutants. We protect your glass so you have the best visibility possible, improving your overall driving experience.