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Window Allergy

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Spring is a time of renewal and it can also revive old allergy symptoms that have been buried for months under winter's snow. As the snows give way to spring's thunderstorms and humid, warmer weather, you may seek allergy relief by staying indoors. Unfortunately, indoor mould spores bring many of the same allergy symptoms you suffer from outdoor pollen, pollen can infiltrate your home, too. To keep your home allergy free, you need quality, insulated double-paned windows from Glass Doctor¨ of Barrie.

How Double Pane Windows Help Control Allergens

A double pane window is made up of separate panes that excel at keeping outdoor allergens out of your home and also decrease the likelihood of indoor mould.

A Double Pane Window Inhibits Mould Growth

Window condensation encourages mould growth in many Barrie home's in springtime, especially in homes that rely upon inadequate single paned windows. Double pane windows are designed for energy efficiency and climate control, but they do even more. Insulated windows also keep moisture from building up on window glass and other household surfaces, which ultimately keeps mould from forming. This prevents a major source of indoor allergens and makes your indoor environment more comfortable overall.

Insulated Panes Keep Pollen Out

Sure, pollen can be tracked into your home on your shoe soles or brought in on your outdoor clothing, but many people overlook another pollen source. Pollen can enter your home through poorly sealed, old or damaged windows. Let the experts at Glass Doctor of Barrie repair your double pane windows by restoring the seal that makes them effective. This is more cost-effective than replacing the entire window and provides an effective allergy solution.

Signs Your Double Pane Windows are Compromised

When you notice water droplets and condensation forming on the inside of your insulated windowpanes, call Glass Doctor of Barrie for an inspection. If you see cracks in your windows or feel air flowing through the closed window, our glass specialists will re-seal or replace your panes or entire windows, as needed, to make your home airtight once again. You deserve a comfortable, allergen-free home. Count on Glass Doctor of Barrie to deter indoor pollen and mould growth with our expert double pane window repair services. To get your free consultation, contact us today!