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Pane Improvements on a Large Scale

If you manage or operate a large scale building that houses guests, such as a hospital or a hotel, you will want to put extra emphasis on your building's glass window panes. The quality of your windows will not only affect the comfort of your guests, but they will also affect the overhead costs of your building.

We recommend allowing our Glass Doctor® of Barrie specialists apply window tint and security film to your windows.

Ensure the Comfort of Guests

You don't want hotel guests to have to close the curtains during the day because it's simply too bright outside. By using window tint, you will reduce the amount of glare that affects the rooms of your hotel. This, in turn, allows your guests to enjoy the sunlight without being bothered while also enjoying the view from your windows.

As you know, if you run a hospital, then the comfort of your patients should be one of your number one priorities. The sunlight will sometimes cause a harsh glare to enter your hospital windows, which will not only affect the comfort of patients, but also their ability to rest.

Ensure the Safety of Guests

The use of security film will make your glass window panes safer in case they break. It's able to do this by holding broken glass in place, thereby reducing the risk that your hotel's guests or hospital's patients injure themselves.

Protect Your Furniture

If you run a hotel, then maintaining your furniture is essential if you want to keep guests coming back. The problem is that exposure to the sun's UV rays will eventually cause your furniture's fabric, as well as your hotel's carpeting, to fade over time.

Not only does this affect the aesthetic of your hotel rooms, but it means that you'll have to replace your furniture and carpeting sooner than expected. The use of window tint will help block out harmful UV rays, thereby preserving the look of your furniture and carpeting for a longer time.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

The heating and cooling bills for your building are probably pretty high - especially if you operate a hotel where your guests have control over the room's temperature. To help lower your energy bills, we recommend installing our low-emissivity (Low-E) glass.

Low-E glass will help prevent outdoor air from leaking in while keeping warm or cool air trapped inside. This will keep the room more comfortable and allow your guests to depend less heavily on your heating or cooling system.

Improve your building's comfort while reducing its operating cost with our window tint and Low-E glass. Contact us at Glass Doctor of Barrie to speak with one of our glass specialists today.