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Five Reasons to Replace Your Home's Windows

Upgrading your windows is an investment that can bring a wide range of benefits to your Barrie home. If your windows are damaged, drafty or simply outdated, replacing them with modern double pane windows will make you wonder how you lived with your old panes for so long.

1. Add Up the Energy Savings

Installing new window panes is a tremendous way to trim dollars off your energy bills. By greatly reducing the heat transfer that takes place in old single pane windows, high-efficiency double pane windows make it much easier to heat and cool your home. That means less reliance on your HVAC system and considerably smaller heating and cooling bills.

2. Invest In Comfort

Older windows typically give you 15 years of reliable service. After 15 years, you start to see problems, one of the most noticeable is that it becomes harder and harder to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. Upgrading to double pane windows helps to keep the cold out in winter, and seal conditioned air inside during summer, ensuring comfort year-round.

3. Keep Your Home Secure

Windows with cracked glass, broken seals and damaged locks have a way of inviting unwanted guests. Keep pests and burglars both at bay by restoring your windows. In some cases, window glass repair is enough to re-establish your home's security. Other times, replacement is necessary. Be sure to ask our team about window glass replacement, the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Barrie can often replace only the glass, allowing you to keep your existing window frames.

4. Bump Up Your Curb Appeal

Whether you're trying to sell your house or just want it to look its best for your own aesthetic enjoyment, you know that worn-out or mismatched windows won't win your home any beauty contests. Replacing old windows is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your home's allure.

5. Enjoy Peace and Quiet

It's a simple fact that old windows don't do a very good job when it comes to blocking out noise pollution – a fact you know all too well if you live near a busy roadway or airport. Updating your windows significantly reduces noise pollution, allowing you to bask in peace and quiet no matter where you live.

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