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Historic Home Advantages

Summer months are when people move. Buying or selling, understanding the market is key. A lot of times your first instinct is going to be to buy new, but there are great advantages to old homes, and ways to diminish key concerns.


  • History: Old houses have a history that lets you know up front what the strengths and weaknesses of the house are, and lets you feel connected to the community and people who lived there before you.
  • Unique: Old houses tend to be designed with individuals in mind, unlike modern subdivisions where there are a handful of floor plans with a handful of options to choose from. From detailing to room size and design, older houses were by artists who loved to create.
  • Affordable: On one hand, older houses typically retain and grow in value well. On the other, they also usually have a little more wiggle room in the pricing. Plus, older houses are often closer to amenities like shopping and dining, adding great value to the property without necessarily raising the price.

Glass Doctor® of Barrie: The Answer to the Disadvantage

The primary problem, even in well maintained older homes, is energy efficiency. Window technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the last several decades, let alone centuries, with things like Low-Emissivity and double pane windows. Most older homes still have standard single-paned windows with regular glass, leading to heat loss in winter and overheating in summer.

Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows are a great option for many older homes. You can easily replace old window units with a variety of designs to fit the look of your home with technology that creates a sealed unit, with a barrier of air between the panes of glass. This provides insulation against the loss of conditioned air.

Low-Emissivity (low-E) Windows

For historic homes, Low-E windows are often a better option than double pane windows. This specially treated reflective glass help keep out UV rays, reducing heat transfer from the sun into the interior of the home while still allowing natural light in. The UV reduction has the added benefit of reducing fading of interior items like carpets, woods, and wallpaper. Depending on the historic regulations in the area, or your personal restoration preferences, Low-E glass can be used to replace the glass in existing units or Low-E storm windows can be added to the interior or exterior of the windows.

If you’re looking to sell your older home, or buy a home with some character, contact Glass Doctor of Barrie today to find out if double pane windows or Low-E windows are the right fit for your look and budget.