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Childproof Your Home for Summer

Summertime fun means more time for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors around your home. From pool parties to dinner on the patio, the kids love the summer months when the days are long, school is out and the world is their playground. It’s a great time for you to consider upgrading your outdoor furniture with both beauty and safety in mind. Tempered glass from Glass Doctor® of Barrie is perfect glass treatment for your outdoor living space.

Summer Safety

According to the Harvard Gazette, thousands of glass injuries a year happen that could be avoided with just a little fore-thought in your furnishing selection. What happens is glass tables and shelves are made from standard glass, and when it breaks it shatters into a million sharp pieces that leave your family vulnerable to deep cuts. Great glass furniture doesn’t mean you have to risk grave injury though. Those same studies have shown that utilizing tempered glass for your home décor needs significantly reduces the risk of injury.

Tempered Glass

Glass Doctor of Barrie specializes in designing décor that takes into account the active life your family lives. Our design process lets you select the kind of glass that best suits your safety needs and style. So, for your little ones in those outdoor areas where kids are running, pets are jumping, and balls may go flying, we’ll help you design tabletops from tempered glass.

The glass treatment for tempered glass begins with cutting and polishing it to your exact specifications. Then it is examined for any imperfections that may create problems in the tempering process. The next step of the glass treatment is to pass it through extremely high heat. The last step in the glass treatment process is a fast quenching or cooling process that leaves the glass stronger than regular glass, and creates structures in the glass that break into semi-dull chunks instead of sharp shards if it does get hit hard enough to break.

Uses for Tempered Glass

Tempered glass can actually be used in pretty much any setting that regular glass can be used. But, it is most important to use it in areas where there is a high chance of breakage, or a high change that breakage can mean deep cuts to people or pets. This makes tempered glass ideal for things like coffee tables and customized shelves indoors, or patio tables and doors outside.

Don’t let the chance of jagged glass cut into your summer time fun. Give us a call today to start creating your perfect tempered glass pieces to enhance your living space.