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When you need your windshield replaced, Glass Doctor® of Austin is the place to call. Our auto glass specialists will perform your windshield replacements according to the highest standards in the industry to ensure you receive the best quality care. All windshield replacement methods and materials we use are approved by the Auto Glass Safety Council, the foremost authority on auto glass quality and safety in the nation. Selecting our team to replace your windshield, guarantees you will have pristine panes for the next year. Every windshield replacement service Glass Doctor of Austin performs is backed by our windshield replacement guarantee.

Windshield Replacement Guarantee Plans

G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

Our replacement service includes this basic guarantee at no charge. Car owners are granted unlimited repairs and the cost of replacement pane, if necessary, for a full year after your initial replacement service. Additional parts and labor are not covered. To make your coverage last for as long as possible, we'll always seek to provide you with a windshield repair first.

Additional Windshield Replacement Guarantee Options

Expand your coverage with the following guarantee options:

  • G12 Future Installation Plan:For additional charge, in addition to all of the protection that comes with your G12 Road Hazard Guarantee, this covers the cost of labor and installation materials for your windshield replacement. This means that your covered windshield replacement will come at no cost.
  • G12 Value Package:The is the ultimate windshield replacement guarantee plan, you get the same coverage provided by our G12 Future Installation Plan, a full application of our exclusive Clear Choice™ glass protectant and high-quality windshield wiper blades. Your Clear Choice treatment will protect your windshield from damage that is typically caused by environmental contaminants like dirt, debris and minerals. In addition, it will actively repel water; this will make your windshield clearer during rainy days.
  • Guidelines for Coverage:All windshield replacement guarantee plans last for 12 months after your initial service. Coverage is limited to damage caused by normal road hazards. Accidents, fraud, vandalism and acts of God are not covered. A few vehicles, including buses, class A motor coaches and class 7 or 8 heavy duty, trucks are exempt from coverage. If you are not sure about whether your vehicle qualifies, contact us and ask our auto glass specialists. If you need service under your windshield replacement guarantee plan, you must report your claim to the original Glass Doctor service center. Actual service can be completed by any Glass Doctor location.

When You Come to Us, You're Covered

Glass Doctor of Austin is your best source for quality windshield replacements that are guaranteed. Contact us today for service.

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