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Do-It-Yourself Windshield Auto Glass Repair: It's Risky Business

by Mike Shanahan
Glass Doctor of Austin

Picture of a cracked windshield

How much? That’s the question everyone asks of auto glass windshield repair and side door glass repair in Austin, Texas. How much will it cost? How much time? How much of it can I do myself?

Here's a better question: How much risk are you comfortable taking on from a do-it-yourself auto glass repair job done improperly?

Our line of work always attracts those ambitious types; hopeful diy'ers willing to buy the kit and spend the weekend filling in windshield cracks or chips. Our weekday schedule is jam-packed with calls related to weekend diy projects gone awry; people who parked their car at the supermarket one hot afternoon and returned to see that familiar "star" on their windshield turned into a spider.

With so many how-to videos online, it's hard NOT to by lured by them. They make it look so-oo easy. Hey, we're the pros — making it look easy is what we do. It also helps when you have a lot of experience, training AND the right tools. 

So, if you fancy yourself a DIY warrior, then more power to you. But before you take on auto windshield repair, be sure to consider:

DIY Austin auto glass windshield and auto side window repair - the perils and pitfalls

  • Knowing a repair job from a replacement. Chips or divots more than 1/2 inch in diameter -or- chips with tiny holes REQUIRE windshield replacement. Make no mistake about it. Resin expands and contracts with changes in temperature and humidity. If too much resin is applied and hardens, it will create a much larger divot and develop into a safety hazard.
  • Improper material application. Resin loves moisture. Resin applied improperly can make your windshield fog up a lot more than it would normally, obstructing your visibility and increasing your risks of a collision. So how much resin do you apply? Good question. The instruction booklet doesn’t exactly say.
  • Lots of sub-standard repair kits out there. Online consumer reviews say it best: "Resin didn't penetrate the crack, leaked or dried too fast." "Instructions were confusing." "Repair required hours of work and lots of patience." "Don't waste your money." It's true. Auto Glass Windshield Repair Kits are one of life's mysteries-in-a-box: You never know what you're gonna get.
  • No Guarantees. Whatever the outcome, the do-it-yourselfer is kinda stuck with his or her repair work, for better or worse. At Glass Doctor, we won't leave you out to dry. If your windshield is damaged or broken within one year of the service date, Glass Doctor of Austin will repair or replace the windshield glass for FREE. (Note: This is a one-time offer just windshield glass ONLY, and does not include; labor, kit, molding or clips).

Most do-it-yourself goofs, mistakes, and blunders end up in our shop. We're happy to take them. Unfortunately, by that time, the damage is significant enough to warrant a full-fledged windshield replacement, which takes longer and costs more. At Glass Doctor, we’re committed to giving you the best service and best price in town. Our work is professionally done by technicians who specialize in auto glass windshield replacement and repair, and we adhere to the strictest safety guidelines.

I hope this information helps. If you're still interested in doing your own windshield glass repair, please make sure to do your homework, consult with several glass experts beforehand, and grab a buddy to help you. Your safety comes first.

Need some extra help? Come see us. We're here to serve you!

Best regards, 

Picture of Mike Shanahan of Glass Doctor of Austin

Mike Shanahan
Owner & Glass Expert
Glass Doctor of Austin
Austin, Texas

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