Clear Choice Protectant

Keeping kitchen and bathroom surfaces clean and sparkling means spending time scrubbing with harsh chemicals and polishing regularly to keep fingerprints and smudges at bay. Don't spend your valuable leisure time cleaning, ask Glass Doctor® of Austin to apply Clear Choice™ protectant to your silica-based surfaces.

Less Work, More Shine

Clear Choice™ makes the surfaces in your home repel water, oil and dirt. Instead of sticking to your sinks, countertops and windows the treatment protects surfaces from water stains, soap scum and other grime. Plus, when you rinse these surfaces, a beautiful shine is left behind. Your surfaces will be easier to clean than ever before and look like new for longer.

More Than Glass Care

Clear Choice™ is perfect for all the glass surfaces in your home such as windows, glass tabletops and glass shelving, but that's not all. Use it on the counters in your kitchen and bathroom, metal or solid-surface sinks, toilets and any other non-porous surface. Replace your current glass care products for your exterior windows with Clear Choice™ to keep mineral deposits, weathering and environmental pollutants from clouding your view. Clear Choice™ will even restore the shine to your tired old surfaces for a rejuvenated appearance throughout your home.

Protecting Your Investment

Give your glass and solid surfaces five years of protection with a single application of Clear Choice™. Our patented formula is environmentally friendly and helps reduce the amount of mold and bacteria that accumulates on surfaces. It makes glass scratch-resistant and creates an easy-to-clean surface that keeps your glass and other surfaces looking like new for longer. 

Get the Protection You Need

Stop wasting time scrubbing and polishing your sinks, tubs, toilets and countertops; spend more time enjoying your beautiful home. To learn more about Clear Choice™ protectant for the surfaces in your home, schedule an appointment online today!