National Accounts Program

As a business owner or manager responsible for multiple locations, you need to be able to count on the professionalism of the commercial glass repair and replacement services you receive in each of your facilities. You can’t afford to waste time contacting a glass services company for each of your business locations, hoping that the quality will be up to par and dealing with different procedures for each. That’s why Glass Doctor® of Ashland offers a National Accounts program that’s backed by the more than 260 Glass Doctor locations across the U.S. and Canada. Each of our locations will provide the same high level of customer service. We deliver the products you need when you need them and install them using the industry’s best practices.

National Accounts Benefits

Discounted pricing: You’ll receive discounts of up to 30% on our services. This is a substantial savings for one location, but you’ll be enjoying this discount for every location.

Nationwide pricing: We don’t charge extra for certain locations, such as those in out-of-the way areas or locations where the cost of living is high. You’ll benefit from our same reasonable rates regardless of where your businesses are located.

Centralized dispatching and billing: You’ll be able to schedule jobs for any location through a single toll-free number. Call or e-mail your work orders, whichever works better for you. We also offer a single address to streamline the billing process.

Real time management reporting: Quickly and easily check on the status of any job, invoice or other important information related to your account.

Priority response: Your businesses will receive a priority response from our mobile commercial glass repair and replacement team. This will enable your business to remain secure and operational.

After-hours emergency services: Our specialists are ready to respond to an emergency no matter what the day or hour.

For more information about our National Accounts program benefits, schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Ashland today.