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Snohomish & Skagit Counties

Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice™ protectant is an ideal product for every visible surface in the bathroom. In addition to maintaining spotless glass tub enclosures and shower doors, Clear Choice keeps toilets, sinks, windows, countertops and other surfaces in top condition. Typically you have to scrub with harsh cleaners for hours to maintain a clean, attractive bathroom. Hiring Glass Doctor® of Snohomish & Skagit Counties to apply Clear Choice means that tough labor is all in the past. Clear Choice makes surfaces water and oil repellent, resulting in easier to clean pieces. The less water and oil that sticks in the bathroom, the less these fluids will deposit contents, such as soap scum and hard water, into bathroom surfaces.

Protect Your Investment

Granite, tile, porcelain and glass are expensive. No homeowner wants to see hard water stains destroy the beauty of their home. A single professional application of Clear Choice glass treatment helps protect these valuable surfaces, making them resistant to staining, scratching and hard water deposits while also making them easier to clean. One application forms a protective barrier on silica-based surfaces that lasts up to five years. Clear Choice protects treated surfaces with a smooth barrier against weathering and daily wear.

Benefits of Clear Choice

Clear Choice glass treatment maintains, protects and restores a wide range of surfaces. Homeowners appreciate having glossy surfaces that require minimal cleaning. When your surfaces repel water and oil, you have less mold and bacteria growth, less hard water staining, and little to no scratching and denting, resulting in beautiful bathroom surfaces that are easier to clean. Glass Doctor of Snohomish & Skagit Counties takes pride in our environmentally friendly Clear Choice glass treatment.

Whether you're installing a new tub enclosure, shower door or are interested in protecting existing surfaces, Glass Doctor of Snohomish & Skagit Counties is ready to apply Clear Choice professionally. To schedule your complementary in-home consultation, contact us online or call 360-283-5171.