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Arlington Heights

Door Closers

Glass Doctor® of Arlington Heights understands that first impressions are of the utmost importance for any business. Not only must you consider the appearance of your entrance, you should consider the functionality of your doors. Ensure the safety of your commercial doors and those who walk through them with door closer repair and maintenance services from our specialists.

How Door Closers Work

When your customer enters your building, a properly functioning door will give a slight resistance as it is opened. A properly fitted closer will enable the individual to open the door easily. Once the individual releases the door, a spring that's located inside the closer forces the mechanical arm to close the door fully without physical assistance from the individual. When functioning properly, these types of closers not only ensure that entry doors remain fully closed when not in use, they help prevent unnecessary slamming which could damage the door and frame.

Door Closer Repair

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Arlington Heights are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to ensure all of the components of manual door closers are properly installed and functioning correctly. When closers are not in optimal condition or placement, damage to the mechanical arm, door frame and other components can occur. There are a number of issues that commonly arise with door closers, and our specialists are well versed in identifying the problem and repairing it before it's too late.

Incorrect Types of Door Closers

Different styles of doors require specific types of manual door closers. Heavy doors, for instance, will require heavy duty door closers that are equipped with stronger springs. A door that is equipped with the incorrect type of closer poses safety risks to your customers and can cause damage.

Low Oil Levels and Damaged Seals

When seals are damaged they can cause clearance issues, leave components vulnerable and may even cause lubricant leaks. These leaks indicate a number of other problems with the door closer as well. When oil leakage is noticed, it is vital to have one of our professionals evaluate the cause and repair it immediately to avoid safety risks or damage to the door and its components.

Door has Difficulty Catching or Locking

A door that is difficult to lock or doesn't catch properly can indicate misalignment, improper adjustment or issues with the locking mechanism itself. When not addressed promptly, such a problem not only affects the well-being of the door, door frame and other components, it affects your building's security as well.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Arlington Heights are well versed in the installation, maintenance and repair of door closers and other components. If your door closer is under warranty, having a trained professional perform repairs and provide maintenance is the only solution to prevent voiding your contract. Contact our specialists today for more information about our door closer repair and maintenance program and other services we offer.