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Clear Choice™ Protectant

A beautiful bathroom is an oasis from the chaos of everyday life. Don’t let it be a chore to keep it gorgeous. Clear Choice™ glass treatment will shield nearly every surface in your bathroom. Take the extra work out of scrubbing and avoid the need for harsh chemicals with Clear Choice glass treatment from Glass Doctor® of Arlington Heights.

Protect Your Investment

Soap scum, hard water stains, and other waste toxins not only make bathroom surfaces unattractive, over time they can damage the materials. Clear Choice is a glass treatment that protects against daily wear damage. Granite, tile and porcelain countertops and fixtures get a protective barrier to prevent the build-up of damaging deposits. Mirrors and glass get a coating that helps them resist scratches and dings. With a single application for the Glass Doctor of Arlington Heights professional, you get a bathroom that stays clean longer and resists damage. Adding Clear Choice to silica-based surfaces will protect it from:

  • Hard water
  • Mineral deposits
  • Environmental pollutants
  • Weathering

Benefits of Clear Choice

Your life is busy, and you want a home that is hygienic, inviting to family and friend, but easy to maintain. With its oil and water repellent characteristics, Clear Choice results in home surfaces that:

  • Require fewer cleanings
  • Reduce bacteria and mold
  • Resist stains, scratches and even impact damage
  • Stop hard water etching
  • Shine bright
  • Are eco-friendly

Make maintaining a clean home easier, call Glass Doctor of Arlington Heights today to set up an appointment for your Clear Choice treatment. Or, if you’re thinking of creating a new look for your bathroom getaway, ask for Clear Choice with your new shower door or tub enclosure.