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Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice surface treatment is the premier solution for your bathroom surfaces. Traditionally, keeping your mirrors and countertops spotless and pristine meant spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing. Clear Choice allows you to ditch the harsh cleaners and put an end to back-breaking work. If you're ready to spend less time cleaning and more time doing the things you love the most, contact Glass Doctor® of Amarillo today and request Clear Choice.

What is Clear Choice Surface Treatment?

Clear Choice is a professionally-applied, patented product designed to help protect and beautify your bathroom surfaces. With a single visit and application by a Glass Doctor of Amarillo representative, your bathroom surfaces and glass will instantly become stain, scratch, and water resistant, which makes these surfaces inherently easier to clean. In addition to your glass and mirrors, Clear Choice can be applied to a variety of your bathroom surfaces, including tub enclosures, glass shower doors, windows, mirrors, countertops, sinks, toilets, and a variety of other surfaces.

How Does Clear Choice Work?

Clear Choice creates a high-tech shield on all of your silica-based surfaces. This protective barrier lasts up to five years with a single application. Clear Choice instantly makes your surfaces easier to clean by making them more oil and water repellant. The less oils and water that are able to stick to your bathroom surfaces, the less you will see soap scum, hard water stains and other waste products. In addition to having an unsightly appearance, hard water stains can destroy the natural beauty of tile, granite, glass, porcelain, and several other bathroom materials over time. Clear Choice protects your surfaces from:

  • Environmental Pollutants
  • Mineral Deposits
  • Hard Water
  • Weathering

What are the Benefits of Clear Choice Surface Treatment?

Savvy homeowners choose Clear Choice to help maintain, restore, and protect a bevvy of countertops and bathroom surfaces. By making your surfaces more oil and water repellant, you will enjoy:

  • Prevention of hard water etching
  • Bacteria and mold reduction
  • Fewer bathroom cleanings
  • Resistance of scratches, stains, and impacts
  • An environmentally friendly solution
  • More beautiful and glossier surfaces

We Are Your Clear Choice Solution

Clear Choice surface treatment makes keeping your bathroom clean and beautiful easier than ever. With a short visit from your Glass Doctor of Amarillo expert, your bathroom surfaces will have a cutting-edge protectant barrier that resists scratches, water stains, and more. Request Clear Choice anytime you order a new tub enclosure or a shower door. Schedule your complimentary in-home consultation today from Glass Doctor of Amarillo.