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Commercial Door Closer Service

Your customers' first impression often starts at your front door. Give them a sense of ease and comfort with proper door closer care from Glass Doctor® of Altus, OK. Our service professionals are trained in commercial door closer care and maintenance that will make it easy for your customers to enter your establishment.

How Door Closers Work

Most people don't think much about the mechanics of opening a door until they don't work properly. Manual door closers provide a mechanical assist to people opening and closing heavy doors. When installed properly, the door closer provides initial resistance as your customer opens the door, giving a sense of its weight. Then it glides smoothly open until your guests stop pulling, at which point, the arm pushes it gently back into place.

Common Door Closer Issues

When you are looking at commercial door closers, there are a couple of considerations you'll want to keep in mind.

Types of door closer: The first step in proper door closer care is to make sure you have the right door closer for your door. Glass Doctor of Altus, OK experts assure that the strength of your spring matches the weight of your door. This helps keep your staff and customers safe and protects your investment in your door.

Professional installation and adjustment: Door closers seem like simple mechanisms, but they require special tools and training to assure that they are installed, adjusted, and maintained properly. Our experienced personnel will extend the life of your door closer and door by preventing:

  • Doorframe damage
  • Improper movement of your doors
  • Bad alignment of your door and doorframe

Indications of problem: Regular maintenance of your closer should be part of your door closer care program, but even with regular maintenance, problems can come up. Call Glass Doctor of Altus, OK if you notice any of the warning signs of damage in your door closer.

Oil and seals: Broken seals in your door closer can create numerous problems in functionality, such as clearance gaps, hardware vulnerability, and oil leaks. If you notice broken seals, get them professionally replaced as soon as possible to prevent damage to your closer. Oil leaks can also be caused by other mechanical problems like missing screws or broken O-rings. If you notice the door moving too quickly, or in different unexpected ways, call us to replace the oil and repair any mechanical problems.

Difficulty locking: Another indication of problems with your door closer is difficulty locking your doors. This is a security risk for your business and may damage your door, lock, and doorframe.

Connect with Our Service Professionals

Most door closers come with warranties. Glass Doctor of Altus, OK professional door closer care services preserve your warranty, whereas untrained professionals may not. In addition to door closer care, we have trained in doorframe selection and repair, glass repair and replacement, and threshold and hardware issues. Contact Glass Doctor of Altus, OK to help your customers swing into your business more easily.