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Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of Altus, OK knows how important protecting the security of your business is to your success. The Advance Measurement system is a critical component of many Altus' businesses' disaster recovery plans as it cuts down replacement time and maintains business operations. Our proactive commercial glass care program limits your risk and protects your business when damaged panes take you by surprise.

Process of Advance Measurement System

Our glass specialists establish a personalized care plan for your business when you sign up for the Advance Measurement system. We measure each window, door and glass product that is part of your business. Then, we create a customized diagram that records the specs of your glass products, which correspond with the glass items in the diagram. The location of each pane has a specific number on the diagram. The diagram includes the measurements of your panes, as well as safety or specialty glass information.

When setting up an account for our proactive commercial glass care program, we also pre-establish your credit and record your contact information so we do not have to gather this information during a time of crisis. To activate the proactive commercial glass care program, simply call one of our skilled glass specialists. Report the number on the diagram that corresponds with the broken pane. We then match this number with the corresponding glass product. If the glass is in stock, we replace the glass in one visit without the need to board-up the area. This process quickly reestablishes the security of your business in one hassle-free visit.

In-Stock Glass

If your glass is prone to breakage due to weather or location, our in-stock glass option ensures we have the correct panes on hand. Our specialists pre-order glass and keep it at our shop, so whenever you call, your glass is ready to be replaced.

Key Benefits of Our Advance Measurement System

Our proactive commercial glass care program provides a number of benefits to members, including:

  • Savings: Avoid paying for repeat service visits. Your glass is installed in one trip at a savings to you.
  • Convenience: Call any time of day or night to have your glass replaced without interrupting your business operations.
  • Liability: Avoid potential customer injury.
  • Security: Reduce possible instances of vandalism and theft with a quick repair that re-establishes security.

Contact the experienced glass experts from Glass Doctor of Altus, OK for more information on this service and other exclusive programs.