Windshield Repair and Replacement

Many drivers simply opt to ignore the cracks or chips in their windshields, considering them just blemishes. However, a crack will affect the structural integrity of your windshield, posing a safety hazard to the driver and passengers. If you have a windshield in need of repair or replacement, Glass Doctor® of Altoona, PA in Altoona will help you restore the strength of your glass.

windsheild repair

Windshield Repair

When caught early on, many chips and small cracks can be fixed with a simple repair. This process provides a much cheaper alternative to a full windshield replacement. If you have a chip in your windshield, schedule a repair with our specialists; many cracks spread with time, eventually requiring full replacement to fix the problem.

Where possible, Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA in Altoona will always repair, rather than replace, for a variety of reasons:

  • Concerns for the Environment:When a windshield is replaced, the old glass must be sent to a landfill. Repairing windows diminishes the amount of waste produced by vehicles.
  • Finances:Repairs are much less expensive than full replacement. Out of concern for our customers, we choose repairs when possible.
  • Timeliness:On average, Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA in Altoona will complete a windshield repair in an hour or less. This saves valuable time and decreases any inconvenience.
  • Insurance:There are so many advantages associated with repairing, rather than replacing, a windshield that we see insurance companies often waiving your deductible when you call in with an auto glass claim.

Our Repair Process

Our repair process is consistent with every auto glass project we work on:

  1. Dirt and debris is removed from the repair area. (A drill may be used to clean up the area to prepare for the resin.)
  2. An industry-standard resin is applied to the chip or crack via an injection tool.
  3. After the resin has cured, a specialist will polish it, essentially making it an invisible seal.

Windshield Replacement

A windshield replacement may be necessary if:

  • A chip is present that is greater than 3/8" in diameter
  • There is a crack that is more than 3 inches in length
  • The crack or chip interferes in the diver's line of vision

Since a windshield accounts for a large percentage of your vehicle's structural integrity in a collision or rollover accident, it is incredibly important to have an undamaged windshield. Because of this, many auto insurance policies offer a "full glass coverage" option, which will cover the cost of windshield repair and/or replacement in the event that your windshield is damaged.

Our Replacement Process

Each time we replace a windshield, our process begins by selecting the new windshield, which must match original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality. Our glass specialists will then remove the old, damaged windshield with caution to prevent damage to the surface of the vehicle. The new windshield is installed using Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) guidelines and approved adhesives. Once the adhesive has cured, your vehicle is ready to go!

Glass Doctor Guarantee

With every windshield replacement done by Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA in Altoona, we attach our Windshield Protection Plan, promising to repair chips and cracks - or replace the windshield glass - for free, if it is damaged within 12 months of our replacement. Some exclusions apply.

Schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA for the most dependable windshield repair and replacement services.