Industry Glass Solutions

If you're a business owner in Altoona, you probably rely on glass in a wide variety of areas. Count on Glass Doctor® of Altoona, PA to resolve any issues or create new interior designs. Our Commercial Care program offers business owners additional savings and services including the following:

  • Priority after-hours response, 24/7
  • Discounts on emergency board-up services
  • Commercial account setup to help streamline your work orders and billing
  • Discounts on all services, including auto glass jobs called in by the property
  • Door closer maintenance service

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA specialists will help improve your properties with safety glass for gyms, showers and locker rooms. These products will help protect your residents from harm and increase residents overall comfort. Our attractive, energy-efficient options for windows and patio doors will also enhance your properties by making them more attractive to current and potential tenants.

apartment windows


Glass products make your restaurant more attractive and functional, inside and out. They're easy to keep sanitary and help create an open, spacious look. Whether you need to redesign your food service areas so they're more efficient or want to create a welcoming atrium, we'll help you select the perfect products for your restaurant.

Schools and Universities

Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA specialists will make your campus more secure with one-way observation glass for offices, as well as fire-resistant and glazed glass for classrooms, dormitories and other areas. We'll also make your school or university more energy-efficient with our insulated glass units (IGUs) made of double or triple panes of glass. Replacing old, single-pane glass with our IGUs can result in a large energy savings, both during the summer and in Pennsylvania's harsh winters.


Glass display cases and shelves will safely and attractively display your merchandise, making it easy for your customers to see and appreciate your wares.

We'll also help improve the look and function of your front door, which sets the tone for your entire business. We'll make it safer if needed, with fire-resistant or bulletproof glass. We also offer a wide array of choices, including etched glass to promote your business'& name, logo and other information.

Hotels and Motels

Our glass decor lets your hotel or motel create a welcoming, attractive atmosphere. For an instant style upgrade, consider our shower and tub enclosures, which make bathrooms seem more spacious. Our IGUs and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows will help you save money on heating and cooling, while protecting your furnishings from sun-related fading. They'll even reduce noise from the outside, so your guests will enjoy a nice quiet atmosphere.

Cities and Municipalities

We understand that governments need to operate efficiently while reducing costs. Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA will suggest products to lower your energy costs, while expediting your purchase orders to make sure that the work is completed as quickly as possible. Our door closer maintenance program is often of particular benefit to cities and municipalities, since your doors may receive heavy use.

Contact Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA today to discuss your business' commercial glass care needs and to find out more about how our Commercial Care program will benefit your company.