Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Bring all the elements of your dining room together with a beautiful new custom glass tabletops. Enhance the ambiance of your Altoona, PA home and create a more comfortable living environment for everyone. Plus, you will be keeping your delicate surfaces safe from harm while simultaneously making cleaning much easier. Glass Doctor ® of Altoona, PA provides comprehensive custom glass solutions to fit your unique taste.

Our Glass Expertise is Your Advantage

Graphic of different glass edges

Our team will measure, cut and install a custom piece of glass for virtually any surface. During your consultation, our team of glass specialists will discuss various options with you and draw from years of experience to provide the best glass tabletop for your piece. Our team will discuss options like glass thickness, tinting, edgework detail and safety concerns with heavy glass. Our glass tabletops will breathe new life into any home. Custom glass tabletops are excellent for protecting:

  • Writing desks
  • Dining room tables
  • Coffee tables
  • End tables
  • Antique furniture
  • Conference room tables

Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA will create custom glass tabletops that fit the exact proportions you need. We take pride in providing top quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Our team is happy to provide options and insights to accentuate your unique home. Our custom glass tabletops will defend your furniture and add a whole new element of style to your home.

Extra Protection for All Your Glass

To further keep your glass protected, our specialists provide safety glass and glass tinting solutions that work best for you. Perfect for custom glass tabletops, glass tinting will defend the sensitive wood surface beneath from fading. Safety glass works to alleviate potential dangers with larger, more heavy slabs of glass. This glass is engineered to break apart into large, safe chunks that are much less likely to hurt pets, friends or family.

Custom Shelving

The right configuration of custom shelves adds a touch of elegance to any room. Custom glass shelving reduces clutter and opens up space, fostering a more relaxing environment. Store-bought shelves pale in comparison. Our specialists will create custom shelves that work for your space. Custom glass shelves are available in many stylized accents to make something truly unique. Improve home decor and inspire friends or family. A custom glass shelf is the focal point of any room. With custom shelves, your living space will be forever transformed.

Add Function to your Home

Reduce clutter, organize and optimize space with custom shelves. For either home or business, custom shelving does it all. Custom shelves work to accentuate home decor and improve ambiance without compromising function. Our specialists will first need to determine certain factors about your space before installing shelves such as what design best compliments your taste or how many shelves you will need. Our team will also perform measurements to ensure there are no issue with too many shelves or not enough along with problems shelf size will not accommodate the items you need to organize. Finally, our specialists will find the right combination of tinting, color and edging options for you.

Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA will make your home shine like new with custom glass tabletops. Contact our team to schedule your in-home consultation. Alternatively, visit us online to complete a quick service request as well. Ask our specialists about custom glass tabletops and how they will improve the comfort of your home.