Double Pane Windows

In Altoona, as the seasons change the temperature fluctuates and puts stress on your windows. The right windows will ensure the temperature inside your house stays the same throughout the year, regardless of the season. Turn to Glass Doctor® of Altoona, PA for window care, repair and installation.

Double Pane Window Design Benefits

double pane window

Windows absorb temperature changes, which ultimately will wear out the seal over time. To reduce the strain on your panes, Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA recommends Altoona residents install insulated glass units (IGUs). Double pane windows, a type of IGU, feature a layer of air between two panes of glass. This layer of air acts as a buffer to the temperature and condensation damage windows experience. A spacer seals the air pocket and reduces condensation buildup between the panes. Because desiccant makes up a spacer, moisture is absorbed before entering the air space. This reduces the strain on your seal and panes.

The build of an IGU lowers heat transfer, making it easier to maintain the temperature in your house. As a result, heating and air conditioning systems will run less, lowering your monthly electric bill and consequently your carbon footprint. Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA installs double pane windows to increase your home's value and efficiency.

Window Replacement in Altoona

Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA doesn't just install double pane windows; we specialize in window replacement, too. If your windows appear cloudy or condensation appears inside the two layers, they need to be replaced. When you contact Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA, a specialist will come to assess your windows and determine the best service to restore your windows.

We offer Altoona homeowners the best glass care in the area. We promise to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient with glass improvements. Contact our team today for more information!

Keep the frame, replace the glass.