Custom Glass Solutions in Altoona, PA

Homeowners interested in tabletops, shelving units, French doors or other custom glass decor features can rely on Glass Doctor® of Altoona, PA for exceptional service in Altoona. Take advantage of our glass products with special features like low-emissivity (Low-E) panes, which protect the home from harmful UV rays.

Glass Additions for Altoona Homeowners

Customized Mirrors

Add some eye-catching decor to your home with custom mirrors. Mirrors create a variety of different visual effects in an interior. They enhance lighting and make a small room appear more spacious. The glass experts at Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA know how to use customized mirrors to maximize the appeal of a room’s interior decor.

Custom-Cut Door Glass

A custom door should be stylish and functional. That’s why we offer decorative side windows on either side of your entry door or get added security with weather-rated glass for your entryway. If you need to have a patio or French door restored, then contact our team to learn about your options and discuss the best style for your home. We install fresh panes on patio and French doors, so your home is never left vulnerable.

Tabletops and Shelves

Glass tabletops installed on either new or existing furniture pieces create an elegant mood in any room. If you’re interested in quality glass tabletop or shelving features, schedule a consultation.

During your appointment, we’ll discuss choices like safety features, glass thickness, edge work detail and more. We also provide tempered glass tabletops which can help prevent breakage. You can also choose between tinted or coated glass options that will provide protection from UV rays for the furniture pieces and floor coverings in your home.

Energy Efficient Window Glass

Homes in the Altoona area may benefit from the installation of energy-efficient glass. The glass is designed to help you cut down on the use of your heating and cooling system. You can choose from some of our budget-friendly options:

Double-Pane Windows: Insulated glass units (IGUs), a multi-pane window, use air to keep your heated and cooled air inside where it belongs. Choose from clear glass or units with integrated sliding blinds.

Low-E Glass: Low-emissivity windows block harmful UV rays from heating up your home and damaging your carpeting and upholstery. This type of glass will not only prevent the sun from bleaching furniture and carpeting, but it also makes interiors more comfortable by providing some shade and preventing glare.

Tinted Glass: Gain some added privacy while keeping your rooms cooler with tinted glass in a range of transparencies.

Learn more about custom glass decor features offered by Glass Doctor in Altoona today! Contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.