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Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice™ is a glass treatment product that protects your investment and various surfaces. Its qualities make it usable on a number of surfaces, making it the go-to product for your bathrooms, kitchen and other areas of your home. All Glass Doctor® of Altoona, PA representatives are familiar with the strengths of this glass treatment option and how it easily takes the place of harsh cleaners that can potentially damage your surfaces.

Key Characteristics of Clear Choice Protectant

Clear Choice protectant is a professionally applied glass treatment option that protects glass surfaces and other materials. It provides a protective barrier between your surface and potential damage-causing elements. This glass treatment option makes your surfaces more water and oil repellant, helping to prevent damage from hard water, mineral deposits, weather conditions or pollutants. When less oil or water sticks to your surfaces, they are less likely to be able to deposit such eroding substances as soap scum, hard water stains or other waste.

Surfaces Where Clear Choice Protectant Is Applied

The number of surfaces where Clear Choice can be applied is nearly limitless. Use this glass treatment option in your bathrooms on glass shower doors, toilets, tub enclosures and sinks. Apply it in your kitchen on countertops and throughout your homes on windows and glass surfaces. Clear Choice glass treatment can also be used on your windshield in order to enhance clarity and protect against scratches.

Benefits of Clear Choice Protectant

This glass treatment option provides a number of benefits to homeowners, including:

Scratch Resistance

With one simple visit, a glass specialist from Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA makes your glass surfaces resistant to scratches and other impact for up to five years after the initial application. This allows you to protect your investment with minimal cost.

Stain Resistance

Stains from hard water damage often destroy the appearance of glass surfaces, as well as that of porcelain, tile and granite. Clear Choice prevents such damage from occurring in the first place.

More Sanitary Surfaces

Clear Choice reduces the presence of mold and bacteria by protecting water from accumulating on these surfaces.

Enhanced Appearance

The glossy surface is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Easy Cleaning

Surfaces that have been Clear Choice applied to them do not need to be cleaned as often. Additionally, they are easier to clean.

Environmentally Friendly

Clear Choice is environmentally friendly and takes the place of abrasive cleaners.

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