Advance Measurement System for Commercial Glass in Altoona, PA

When a disaster damages your Altoona business premises, it’s important to repair the damage quickly. Broken glass creates safety issues. It alters your building’s appearance and disrupts your business operations. At Glass Doctor® of Altoona, PA, we believe that commercial glass repair is an important aspect of your business recovery plan. We recommend our Advance Measurement system because it speeds up your repair process and minimizes your business downtime.

Business Recovery Plan Process

  • We survey your business facility and measure all glass units.
  • We number and document glass locations, specifications and safety glass code requirements.
  • We provide inventory details to you and retain the information for future reference.

Faster Emergency Repairs

When your commercial building glass is damaged, you initiate fast emergency repairs with a phone call. You review your inventory and provide a list of the units damaged. When we have your products in stock we complete repairs in a single service call. When we must order your glass, we clean up your debris, board up any openings and finish repairs when we receive your glass products.

In-Stock Options

Our In-stock plan makes it easy to complete your commercial glass installation in one service call. For windows on your property that fall victim to frequent mishaps, we pre-order your glass products and keep them at our shop. When you call us for repairs, we retrieve your products from our inventory and complete your installation.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

When we enroll your Altoona business in our Advance Management system, our fast commercial glass repair service provides a number of benefits.

  • Repair Savings: With one-trip installation, you avoid the cost of board-ups and follow-up service.
  • Convenience: Fast repairs enable your business operations to resume quickly.
  • Hazard Reduction: Our rapid response to your commercial glass emergencies minimizes the risk of injuries to your customers and employees.
  • Security: When we complete repairs promptly, it reduces the likelihood of vandalism and theft
  • Building Appearance: Eliminating board-ups keeps your building looking good.
  • Credit:Pre-established credit decreases billing issues.

Schedule a Consultation

Contact Glass Doctor of Altoona, PA at (814) 626-9700 for a consultation or more information about our Advance Management system.