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Adrian, MI

Clear Choice Protectant

Choose Clear Choice™ treatment to protect the sensitive surfaces in your home. Glass Doctor® of Adrian, MI specialists will apply a coat of Clear Choice to sinks, windows, shower enclosures, glass doors and more. This layer of defense protects surfaces from scratches, stains, hard water buildup and daily wear. Clear Choice makes any surface resistant to oil stains and water, so cleaning becomes easier. These qualities translate to a drastic decrease in mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Tile and granite surfaces will also be protected from these problems. You will notice an immediate improvement to you home's silica-based surface when you protect them with Clear Choice.

Benefits of Clear Choice

If left unresolved, hard water stains or lime stains will cause permanent, irreversible damage to your cherished surfaces. Tile, porcelain, glass and granite are especially susceptible to harm. Clear Choice will reduce gross mold growth and mysterious stains while simultaneously adding a layer of defense against scratches and scrapes. Glass Doctor of Adrian, MI will apply our quality barrier of protection on virtually any silica-based surface. Once applied, your bathroom will be shielded for up to five years.

Clear Choice makes life easier and your home more comfortable. An application of Clear Choice treatment will reduce time spent cleaning and money spent on heavy-duty cleaning chemicals or scrub brushes. Spills or stains on our protectant are easy to clean and will never harm the delicate surface beneath.

Protect Your Investment

With Clear Choice glass treatment from Glass Doctor of Adrian, MI your bathroom will look better than ever. Contact us over the phone today to discuss the installation of a new shower enclosure, bathroom mirror or shower door. We are happy to provide a free in-home consultation as well, offering thoughts and insights on how to best make your renovations dreams a reality. Discuss your plans with our seasoned specialists today!