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Clear Choice Protectant

Keep your valued surfaces safe from damage with Clear Choice™ glass treatment exclusively offered by Glass Doctor® of Aberdeen. Perfect for bathroom surfaces like shower doors or tub enclosures, Clear Choice protectant will keep your surfaces pristine for years to come. Our protectant also works wonders for surfaces like windows, sinks, toilets and counter-tops. Stop all the intensive labor of constantly scrubbing surfaces to keep them clean. Clear Choice protectant will prevent hard water buildup, soap scum and environmental pollutants from damaging surfaces throughout your home. Clear Choice protectant is engineered to repel both water and oil, keeping your tables, glass windows and countertops from suffering discoloration or damage. If you'd like to ensure your bathroom tiles, windows and other beautiful surfaces remain in outstanding condition; let Glass Doctor of Aberdeen get the job done with our treatment.

Protect Your Investment

A myriad of contaminants will cause damage to your beautiful home surfaces over time. Hard water will wreak havoc on tile, porcelain, glass, and granite surfaces. Our Clear Choice protectant is engineered to prevent this damage from occurring altogether. Any surface protected with our Clear Choice film will resist stains, scratches, oil and water while simultaneously making the surface easier to clean. This silica-based barrier works wonders for up to five years, which keeps your most valuable surfaces in beautiful condition. Clear Choice protectant glass treatment is especially useful for :

  • Easier cleaning
  • Less bacteria, mildew and mold
  • Resistance to scratches, chips or other damage
  • Less issues with hard water buildup
  • Smoother, brighter surfaces
  • Reduced harm on the environment due to less harsh chemicals needed for cleaning

Advantages of Clear Choice

Business and homeowners alike have found Clear Choice glass treatment to be an incredible solution to protecting a wide variety of delicate surfaces, especially in bathrooms. Once Clear Choice is applied to glass, tiles or sliding doors, the surface becomes both oil and water resistant, allowing you to enjoy:

  • Less frequent cleanings
  • A reduction in mold and bacteria
  • Stain, scratch and impact resistance
  • Hard water etching prevention
  • Glossier surfaces
  • Environmentally friendly

Renovate your bathroom or other areas of your home with ease by contacting Glass Doctor of Aberdeen over the phone today or fill out a service request online for immediate assistance. Our specialists are standing by 24/7 to respond to all your glass needs and provide emergency services to our valued clients. Get in touch with us now to schedule your free in-home consultation and discuss your home or business renovation plans with our seasoned glass experts.