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Windshield Repair and Replacement

If your windshield is damaged, Glass Doctor® of Mahoning Valley has the tools and talent you need to get back on the road safely. We will repair your damaged pane if at all possible, or replace it with a new version of the original windshield. No matter what, we'll take care of the insurance paperwork too.

To decide if your best option is windshield repair or replacement, Glass Doctor considers a few factors.

  • Size: Though there are a few exceptions, chips larger than 3/8 inch and cracks more than three inches long generally require windshield replacement.
  • Location: Cracks that have splintered to the edge of the windshield typically require replacement due to their tendency to spread. Chips or cracks directly in your line of vision require replacement as well, as a repair often does not cure clearly, leaving a slight outline in the repair area.
  • Timespan: The longer you leave chips and cracks unaddressed, the more likely dirt will build up making it difficult to perform a successful repair, and requiring a replacement.

Don’t let a crack in your windshield threaten the safety of your family. Contact Glass Doctor of Mahoning Valley today. Our auto glass specialists have the skills and experience necessary to determine your windshield replacement and repair needs.

Windshield Repair

Your visibility is our primary concern. If we can restore it without replacing your windshield, we will. Our high-quality resins and top-of-the-line tools ensure that your paint and frame stay in perfect condition throughout the process, and we use a special adhesive that dries quickly to expedite your repair services.

Fix Cracks and Chips

A windshield chip repair is possible if the damage is smaller than a quarter and out of your sight line. Our specialists will use a special resin to fill the imperfection and prevent it from expanding. Our specialists are also trained in windshield crack repair. If you have a crack that's shorter than three inches and away from the edge or your line of sight, ask one of our specialists to assess the damage.

Act Fast to Prevent Permanent Damage

Of course, if you've waited too long to schedule repairs, your chip or crack will gradually fill with dirt particles. You also risk spreading and splintering if you drive with damaged glass, especially if your vehicle undergoes temperature changes throughout the day that affect the state of the glass. If you don't act fast to schedule your repairs, you may need a replacement instead.

Windshield Replacement

When windshield damage is too extensive for safe repairs, we replace the glass with an identical pane. Your windshield replacement will have the same features as the original, including the exact dimensions, any rain or temperature sensors, radio antennas, heating strips, thickness, tint and type of glass.

Receive an Exact Match

Your vehicle's appearance, safety rating, and structural integrity depend on all its parts and panes. If you must replace anything, it should equal the quality and condition that the original equipment manufacturer intended when they engineered the vehicle. At Glass Doctor of Mahoning Valley, we know how important it is to match the glass that came with your car. Your new windshield will keep your vehicle safe, sealed and intact.

Rely on Our Guarantee

Thanks to our exclusive G12® Road Hazard Guarantee, your new windshield will be protected for the next year. Our 12-month guarantee covers the cost of unlimited repairs and a single windshield replacement, if the damage occurred during normal driving conditions. You won't pay a cent for your new glass. If you want a plan that covers the cost of labor and materials too, ask about our optional upgrades.

Don't drive with a damaged windshield; contact us instead. We serve drivers throughout northeast Ohio, including Youngstown, Canfield and the rest of the Mahoning Valley. Call us at (330) 286-9361 to schedule your appointment.