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Auto Window Tinting

No more squinting into the sun while driving. By applying film from Glass Doctor of Menomonee Falls® to all your windows, you will keep the sun out of your eyes more effectively than is possible with a sun visor while gaining numerous other benefits.

The Benefits of Auto Window Tinting


Window tint improves comfort by limiting the heat that builds up in your vehicle after you leave your car parked in a sunny spot. This is great news for anyone with leather or vinyl seats. Plus, kids in the backseat will have a more enjoyable ride, as they will be able to watch videos and play games without suffering from glare on screens.


Window tint instantly creates a sophisticated appearance for any vehicle. At Glass Doctor of Menomonee Falls, our specialists are trained to install the film to provide you with a professional look.

UV Protection

By blocking UV rays, window tint keeps occupants safe and protects the interior of your car from damage. Exposed to sun over the years, upholstery fades and surfaces crack, but with window film everything will stay looking new for much longer.


With darkened windows, no one will be able to peer into your car when you are stuck in traffic. Plus, if you leave your vehicle parked outside, you will be able to keep belongings in your car while keeping them concealed.

Gain all the above benefits by contacting us at Glass Doctor of Menomonee Falls. Contact us for a free consultation to find out how window film will improve your driving experience.