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Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Your home reflects and celebrates your unique qualities. The design of the furnishings and decor you've chosen, along with the meaningful items you've placed in your surroundings reveal your personal preferences and innate sense of style. Glass Doctor of Menomonee Falls understands the importance of protecting the investment you've made in your home. We custom fabricate glass tabletops and a variety of interior glass items to accentuate, protect and enhance your living and working spaces.

Superior Protection

Glass tabletops provide an excellent way to protect the finish on your fine furniture or adored antiques. Clear glass allows the natural beauty of the piece to shine through, making it easy to enjoy your living and dining room tables, conference room furniture, and treasured heirlooms without fretting about a scratch or stain marring the original surface.

Graphic of different glass edges

Our custom service allows you to dictate the specific size, thickness and shape of the tabletop, rather than having to search for a one-size-fits-all solution. Additional glass customization options include:

  • Colors and tints: Create a piece that seamlessly blends into your existing design scheme or effectively blocks the harmful fading effects of ultra-violet (UV) light.
  • Specialty glass: Certain applications, such as business uses or pool area items, require laminates or tempered glass to ensure safety. Treatments and security films prevent fragmented glass shards from posing a dangerous threat to people in the event of an accident.
  • Edge designs: Choose from a variety of edging options that enhance your custom design or accentuate the shape and location of your glass tabletops, shelving system or custom mirrors.

Glass Shelves

Make storage an elegant piece of decor with the addition of glass shelving. Our team will create custom glass shelves to suit your bathroom, living room or bedroom storage requirements. We will create pieces that are the exact height and wight you desire. Most importantly we space the shelves according to your needs, so you are able to fit the books, artwork or collectibles you desire.

Professional Advantage

Our glass specialists possess years of hands-on experience. We'll gladly aid your selection decisions and offer suggestions concerning the customization of your glass tabletops and similar items. Equipped with industry guidelines regarding load bearing capacities, placement options, and functional specifications, our experts have the technical know-how to develop a glass solution that exceeds your expectations. To learn more about our custom glass tabletop service, contact Glass Doctor of Menomonee Falls today to arrange for your free consultation.