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Auto Glass Care

A crack in your windshield isn't just an annoyance that impedes your vision, it can actually make your vehicle less safe. Glass Doctor® of Fredericksburg offers several auto glass repair services for mirrors, windshields, back glass, sunroofs and side windows.

Windshield Care

In a head-on collision, your windshield gives your vehicle about 45% of its structural integrity; in a rollover that support can increase to 60%. It's always important to get any damage to your windshield repaired as soon as you can. It only takes about an hour for our glass specialists to repair chips or small cracks in your windshield's glass. Your auto insurance will usually cover this completely, and we file all paperwork, meaning that there's no cost or fuss for you.

When we're repairing or replacing a windshield, we take into account all modern features like radio antennas, weather sensors and temperature gauges. We adhere to all industry best practices as dictated by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC) when performing any auto glass repair work, including using industry-standard adhesive and replacing all glass with original equipment manufacturer quality materials.

Auto Glass Replacement

In modern vehicles, tempered glass is used in most side windows, sunroofs and back windshields. Tempered glass breaks into chunks, not shards, to avoid harming you or your passengers during an accident. Because of how tempered glass behaves, it cannot be repaired and must be completely replaced. Entrust this type of repair to our specialists. We will ensure the panes are installed with precision and match your vehicle perfectly.

Auto Glass Protection

We stand behind our auto glass repair work. All windshields we replace come with a G12® windshield replacement guarantee for free. If your windshield is damaged during the 12 months following your installation, we'll repair it at the cost of materials alone.

You may want to consider additional options for your windshield, including new windshield wipers, plans that cover labor costs and an application of Clear Choice™ glass protectant. One coating of Clear Choice protects your windshield from scratches and scrapes, as well as from dust, dirt, rain, sleet, snow and other detritus. It makes it far easier and safer to drive in inclement weather.

Getting your auto glass repair job done with us is painless. Call us today for a free quote, and we'll make your vehicle safe again.