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Industry Glass Solutions

It’s difficult to imagine a business that doesn’t utilize glass in many ways. Glass Doctor® of Denver offers commercial glass repair, replacement or upgrades for any type of local business. In addition, we offer door closer repair and maintenance services.

Commercial Care Program

Our Commercial Care program specifically addresses your business' needs, offering the following advantages:

  • Priority after-hours emergency response for commercial glass repair and around-the-clock availability
  • Discounted membership pricing on all work, including emergency board-up services
  • Commercial account setup makes responding, billing and stocking the glass you need easier and faster

Commercial Glass Care in Denver

Apartments and Condominiums

Glass Doctor of Denver helps fix, replace, or improve glass in individual apartments or entire complexes. Attractive glass products on the interior and exterior of your units will help retain your current tenants and attract new ones. We’ll improve and add safety glass and mirrors in common areas such as gyms, showers and pools. These features protect your residents’ safety and also help protect your company from liability.


Glass offers an easy-to-clean, sanitary surface that can be used throughout your restaurant. Use it to divide various areas, inside and out, to make your restaurant more attractive and reduce noise levels. Or create a beautiful atrium that creates an outstanding first impression to customers who enter your restaurant. We offer a variety of decorative glass products that help make your restaurant stand out and tinted glass to help reduce glare and cut down on your energy costs. Glass Doctor of Denver specialists will work to improve your existing design, as well as assist you in more complete renovations and new construction.

Schools and Universities

Our specialists will repair, replace or upgrade any glass in dormitories, classrooms, laboratories or offices. Safety glass is an important feature that is effectively utilized in many areas, such as one-way observation office glass or shower enclosures. Our protective glazing solution or fire-resistant glass will further add to your campus’ safety.


Our specialists will help you decrease overhead expenses with energy-saving windows; or ask us to increase your safety with fire-resistant and bulletproof glass. We’ll enhance your decor with shelves and display cases to attractively house and exhibit your merchandise. Choose from etched or beveled glass to create your own unique style; upgrade your dressing rooms with new safety glass mirrors.

Hotels and Motels

Lodging buildings are subject to a great deal of wear and tear. Trust Glass Doctor of Denver to take care of commercial glass repair in your offices, individual rooms and common areas. We’ll also help you select energy-efficient windows that can yield significant savings that multiply by each room. Our specialists will show you how to use glass products to easily update your hotel or motel without necessarily having to undergo an entire renovation.

Cities and Municipalities

We’ll ensure Denver city or municipality buildings operate smoothly with minimal interruption with our expedited purchase orders. In addition, Glass Doctor of Denver will repair or replace doors, windows or other products. We have a variety of energy-efficient glass that will save taxpayers' money as well as safety options that will keep your employees and the public safer.

Glass Care for Denver Businesses

Schedule an appointment today with Glass Doctor of Denver to set up a Commercial Care account. We’ll get started on making your business more attractive, functional, and energy-efficient.