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Beaufort County

Custom Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® provides our customers with standard and customizable home glass decor. Our glass experts are qualified to assist you with the customization of tabletops, shelves, mirrors and patio and French doors. We can also help you protect your furniture and home decor from harmful UV rays with the installation of low-emissivity (Low-E) glass. Trust Glass Doctor in your home; we take pride in your possessions.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Our Glass Doctor professionals can measure and create custom glass tabletops for new and existing furniture. Glass tabletops can be custom cut in a variety of shapes and sizes and completed with custom finished edges.

Experienced specialists will come to your home and give you a professional consultation on edgework detail, glass tint, thickness and safety issues related to heavy glass tabletops.

To protect furniture from harmful UV rays, glass tabletops can be made from tinted or coated glass similar to window glass. To protect children in case of breakage, tempered or laminated glass can be used as well.

Custom Mirrors

Glass Doctor offers several mirror products to add the illusion of space in your home. Our mirror products include:

  • Full mirrored walls
  • Cut-to-fit picture frames
  • Vanity hanging mirrors
  • Standard and custom bathroom mirrors
  • Shelving
  • Full-length closet mirrors

Our shops can cut mirrors to your desired specifications. We also offer many custom mirror designs including tinted, antique, beveled and decorative. If you need more assistance with decorating your home with mirrors, schedule an appointment with one of our team members. Together we can create the right custom mirrors for your home.

Patio and French Doors

Our glass experts can restore and replace broken door glass with tempered door glass, renovate entryways and install matching side windows on either side of your front entry door.

Glass Doctor offers several glass inserts including:

  • Interior sliding blinds
  • Decorative glass with matching side window panes
  • Specialty glass that meets or exceeds regulations
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Hurricane-rated glass

We work with a variety of manufacturers in order to offer customers a wide range of door glass options.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-emissivity (Low-E) windows are just like having sunglasses for your house that filter the brightness of light. Low-E glass is a type of reflective glass that is gaining in popularity, especially in residential and office applications. Low-E coatings are a thin metallic coatings that reduce visible light transmission by about 10 percent.

Because it resists ultraviolet light, Low-E glass prevents sunlight exposure from damaging carpets, draperies, sofas and other home furnishings. Most importantly, Low-E windows reduce energy costs by helping to control the climate in your house. This glass allows sunlight into a room without letting heat inside. The coatings reduce glare and reflect the sun’s heat away from your home.

If you’re ready to replace your windows with new Low-E glass windows, consult with your local Glass Doctor professional to find the best solution for your home.