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Replacing Thermopane Glass | Cost and Information

Thermopane glass is an industry term for double or triple paned windows, known as insulated glass units.

When one of these windows gets cracked or has a broken seal, who better to call than Glass Doctor®? You won't have to wonder about the replacement cost. We do a free consultation and estimate to guarantee our pricing is all upfront. Call us today at 855-603-1919.

Window Repair and Glass Replacement Cost Estimates

We can give you an idea of the cost of thermopane glass replacement, but can't quote actual numbers until we look at the window. That's why Glass Doctor does a free in-home consultation before we talk price.

When we give you a quote, it's an upfront cost commitment.  So we're not going to throw figures around that might not be accurate. Our reputation is built on the quality of service we provide.

Repairing Insulated Glass Windows

Insulated windows have double or triple panes, using spacers to create an air pocket in between. The panes are sealed to protect the pocket which is sometimes filled with argon to help reduce heat loss. 

Insulated glass windows are framed in vinyl or wood, and occasionally aluminum. The price varies based on the labor required to remove the damaged glass from the window, replace it and restore the seal.

Seal Failure: Sunny Windows, Vinyl Frames 

When your window gets foggy, the seal on one of the panes has broken. Window are constantly expanding and contracting and those that get the most direct sunlight tend toward seal failure. Interestingly enough, vinyl frames also seem to be a factor because of their expansion properties.

A broken seal may seem cosmetic, but if moisture's getting in, heat and AC are getting out. Plus the moisture between the panes can eventually cause problems with a wooden sash.

Save yourself the cost of replacing an entire window. Have us come out and replace the pane as soon as you can.

Replacement Windows

Older single pane windows are definitely culprits in rising HVAC costs. Aging windows require constant caulking and sealing. Even if you can't afford to replace all your windows, start by picking the draftiest room and call us for an estimate.

Here are a few reasons to consider replacing your windows: 

Reasons to Replace Your Thermopane Glass Windows Infographic

Save 15% Off the Cost

Glass Doctor offers our customers an Advantage Plan® subscription. If there's renovation in your future, sign up and save 15% on your glass purchases. Other benefits include:

  • Priority scheduling for storms and emergency repair
  • Measurements taken and kept on hand
  • Glass breakage guarantee (natural disaster exception)

Need to know the replacement cost of insulated glass? It starts with a free call to the Glass Doctor at 855-603-1919.


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