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Tempered Glass Windows | FAQ

Windows that have the potential for human impact are legally required to be tempered glass. Also know as toughened glass, tempering makes glass stronger and safer. The tempering process changes the properties of the glass, so that if it should be broken, it crumbles into dull fragments to minimize any injury.

Tempered Glass in New or Replacement Windows

Glass Doctor is the place to go if you need safety glass. Insulated glass windows are one of our specialities. We replace a cracked pane or a broken seal for any double pane window, including ones that require tempered glass.

What sets us apart is service. We come to your home for a free window consultation to measure and assess the overall state of the glass and frame. Call us at 855-603-1919 to schedule a convenient time.

Here are some of the questions we've answered for our customers about the value of safety glass.

Q.  When is a window required to be made from tempered glass?

According to the National Glass Association, there are 4 criteria that require safety glass:

  • The glazing (glass) is less than 18 inches above the floor
  • The top of the glass is less than 36 inches above the floor
  • The size of the glass exceeds 9 square feet
  • The glass is within 36 inches of where people walk

Don't worry, our glass specialists will make sure your windows are up to code. Any door made of glass — sliding, french or shower doors — are all always made of tempered glass.

Q. If tempered glass is so tough, why do I have to worry about the window getting broken?

Toughened glass is one thing, unbreakable is another. Tempered glass is stronger than standard (annealed) glass. But we promise you if your lawn mower kicks up a good size rock and hits the window, it's going to break. The real benefit of tempered glass is not if it breaks, but how it breaks.

The difference between jagged glass and blunt dull fragments can literally be lifesaving.

Q.  Can you cut tempered glass to size?

No, but what we do is cut the glass before it's tempered Tempering is an applied process, not a type of glass. The glass is subjected to intense heat and rapid cooling that tempers it. Once the glass is tempered, you can't modify it or it will break.

Glass Doctor: Your Experts for Tempered Glass

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