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Find Replacement Glass For Coffee Table

Over time, furniture wears down: wood, leather couches, entertainment centers—even glass tabletops. 

Glass Doctor®—your go-to glazier services company—will fit and fashion new replacement tabletops for your coffee table to last for years to come. But why stop there? Customized shapes, mirror designs and different glass types will truly make your new coffee table top unique.

Replace Your Damaged Glass Coffee Tabletop

Glass tabletops are easy to clean and will revitalize your décor. If you ever had a segmented stone or patterned coffee table, you know how difficult it is to clean up messes that fall between the cracks.

Why go through all the hassle and mess of repainting? Glass tabletops add a gloss and shine to your coffee table.

Custom Options

Our glass specialists form-fit your replacement glass to an existing frame or design a unique shape to make your coffee table a real showpiece.

For those looking for safety-minded options, we have tempered and laminated glass that is highly durable. Mirror tops are great conversation starters, adding light and creating the illusion of space. Don’t overlook fun details like edging, flat polished glasses, or beveled glass.

Why Choose Glass Doctor for Your Glass Replacement Needs?

Our courteous, professional glass specialists are equipped to take care of you during every stage of your glass home decor project. What sets us apart is our expertise and passion for meeting your needs quickly and efficiently, because we know convenience matters.

Our glass experts know how to repair and replace your glass emergency needs in the most affordable way possible. Our experts always evaluate whether a repair—rather than a replacement—is possible, saving you time and money.

Since 1962, our Glass Doctor glaziers have been offering complete glass repair and replacement services to residential markets at more than 270 locations across the United States. 

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Contact our Glass Doctor professionals today at 800-603-1919 to speak to a glass expert about replacement glass for your coffee table.



Tempered Glass:

Glass Doctor installed the most perfect shower enclosure I've ever seen. Ahead of schedule, on budget, exactly what was ordered! This was a GREAT deal. Thank you.

— Dennis B.

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