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How to Replace Broken Window Pane Glass

If you need to replace broken window pane glass, it is important to act quickly and safely. If you have double-paned windows, you may only need to replace one pane of window glass, which makes the repair less costly than you may think.

Follow these important steps when you find a broken window in your home.

Simple Steps to Replacing a Glass Window Pane Window Repair 

Depending on the damage to your window, you may be able to fix a single window pane and save money by not replacing the whole window.

If you decide to try to complete the project yourself, follow these basic steps to learn how to replace window pane glass safely and effectively:

  1. While wearing safety gloves and long sleeves, carefully remove the broken glass. Try not to further splinter or break the glass while removing the pieces to best protect yourself.
  2. Remove all glazing from the old opening and have custom replacement pane glass measured and cut by a glass professional. If you want to measure the window pane opening yourself, be sure to take precise, exact measurements, and take 1/16 to ⅛ inch off of both the height and width when ordering your replacement glass.
  3. Hold the new piece of glass in place by using glazier’s points.
  4. Apply caulk or glazing compound to the edges of the glass, where it contacts the frame. Use a putty knife to smooth the glazing compound.
  5. Ensure the entire window is safely and securely installed.

It is important to follow all safety precautions when replacing your own window pane glass. It is often more convenient and more affordable to call a glass replacement professional. At Glass Doctor®, we specialize in repairing and replacing broken window glass.

Try Reglazing Before Window Replacement

Single-pane windows can remain effective for over 100 years, possibly more, if they’re properly maintained. If your windows need repairing or replacing, they may also need to reglazing. Glazing a window can tighten your aging, drafty windows, and the process often helps avoid the need to get replacement window pane glass. Before you begin the process for replacing your window pane glass, think about if reglazing your window is an option for you.

Thinking of Getting a New Type of Window?

If you’ve noticed that your current windows need repaired or replaced, this could be the perfect opportunity bring your space to life with other types of windows. At Glass Doctor, we can custom cut glass for any window size or type.

Here are some of the options that you might want to think about before replacing your current windows:

  • Double- and single-hung windows
  • Skylight windows
  • Casement windows
  • Awning windows
  • Picture windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Bay windows
  • Jalousie windows
  • Hopper windows

Glass Doctor can cut glass to your exact specifications for any repair, replacement or remodeling project.

Window Pane Glass Replacement from Glass Doctor

If you need emergency glass repair service, consider calling the experts at Glass Doctor. We provide quality window pane glass replacement, including 24/7 emergency services.

The certified professionals at Glass Doctor will measure, custom cut and install your replacement window glass. If a special pane must be ordered in order to repair your window, we will board up the window in order to keep your home safe and protect it from the elements. We can even upgrade your windows with insulated glass units or low-emissivity windows. From installing a double-hung window to fixing a single broken window pane, Glass Doctor specializes in fitting our services to your needs.

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