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Custom Patio Door Replacement

When you select your replacement patio door, you can try installing it yourself or trust the experts to assist you. Before you test your home improvement abilities, be sure that you have selected the right patio door to match your style and functional needs.

Essential Patio Door Styles

Here are three common styles to consider during your search to replace your patio door:

  1. Sliding
    Sliding patio doors contain two or more individual panels, with at least one panel that is able to slide. Because these doors slide parallel to the wall, they are great options for small or cramped spaces.
  2. Swinging
    These doors often come in pairs and are hung with hinges on the opposite sides of the center meeting point. They open out much like any standard door.
  3. Folding
    Folding patio doors open accordion-style and usually contain anywhere between two and eight folding sections or leaves.

No matter what style you choose for your replacement patio door, adding glass panels will allow you to take advantage of beautiful views and bring light into your home.

Custom Replacement Patio Doors from Glass Doctor

The experts at Glass Doctor® provide several durable glass options to match any replacement patio door. Regulation approved all-weather glass, hurricane-rated laminated glass and double pane windows are just a few of the quality options available at Glass Doctor. We also offer Low-E energy efficient glass panels that protect your furniture and drapes from harmful UV rays while also lowering your energy costs.

If you are simply looking to replace broken patio door glass, you may be able to save money by replacing the glass. Glass Doctor offers glass repair and replacement at a time that is convenient to you, including emergency glass replacement services. With our up front pricing, there are no hidden or surprise fees.

Give GlassDoctor a call today at (855) 603-1919 to discuss your upcoming patio door replacement project with one of our experienced glass experts.



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