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Frequently Asked Questions About Insulated Glass Units

Insulated glass units are very common in commercial buildings. At Glass Doctor®, we think your home is entitled to the same energy savings. We specialize in installing insulated windows for replacements and upgrades. Call us at 855-603-1919 for a free, in-home consultation. 

Answering Your Questions About Insulated Glass Units

Expertise is important when you install new windows in your home. Glazing is a trade requiring training and skill you're probably not going to get from a store clerk. Here are some of the questions we routinely hear from customers who are thinking about purchasing insulated windows.

Q. Do insulated glass windows really save on energy bills?

Yes. Glass is great for letting in light and adding spaciousness to homes, but single pane windows don't do much to protect against weather.

Insulated glass units are double or triple paned windows that seal air or gas in between the panes. Though certainly adding panes helps, it's actually the air pocket that increases the insulating value. 

Q. Do I need to inject gas in between the panes?

Sometimes, the spaces in between insulated windows are filled with argon or krypton gas. There is a bit of debate about the value they add. That said, when we come to the house for your estimate, we're happy to walk through the costs and benefits of a gas fill.

Q. What is "Low-E" glass?

Low emissivity glass has a reflective film applied to the panes. Don't worry—it won't turn your windows into mirrors. In warmer climates, the film is placed on the outer pane to reflect heat away from the window. In colder climates, it's the opposite. It's placed on the inside frame to reflect heat back into your home. 

We're happy to offer Low-E glass as an option for your insulated windows.

Q. Do I have to replace the whole window?

In many cases, no. If you already have insulated windows, that's the first thing we check. If your window has a broken seal or a cracked pane, we're happy to simply replace the glass and restore the seal. Problem solved and your view restored.

Q. Does Glass Doctor have emergency services?

Yes, 24 hours a day. The safety and security of your home is breached when windows are broken. Call us and we'll get there as soon as possible. If you're interested in priority scheduling, take a look at our Advantage Plan®.

When you're ready to choose an insulated glass unit, give Glass Doctor® a call at 855-603-1919 to schedule your consultation.

Glass Doctor installed the most perfect shower enclosure I've ever seen. Ahead of schedule, on budget, exactly what was ordered! This was a GREAT deal. Thank you.

— Dennis B.

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