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Custom-Cut Glass Tabletops

Looking for a glass table that suits your style and needs? Glass Doctor® offers custom-cut glass tabletops in a variety of shapes, sizes and finished edgings. Our specialists will help you choose the right style of glass for your table and help you with any design concerns. Call us at 855-603-1919 to get started. 

Design Your Own Custom Glass Tabletop

The furniture in your home should reflect your personal style, and custom glass tabletops are a great way to accomplish that. Not only do custom glass tabletops look sleek and modern, they also enhance the natural light in your home, making your rooms appear brighter and more open. 

The specialists at Glass Doctor are ready to help if you're designing a table from scratch or simply need to replace the glass on an old favorite. 

Our custom-cut glass tabletops are perfect for a variety of table types, including:

  • Dining tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Desks
  • Antique furniture
  • Conference room tables 

We can custom-cut glass tabletops in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can choose from a variety of edge styles, such as beveled, flat, pencil and waterfall.

Safe and Durable Glass Options

Glass Doctor also offers safety glass options that can help protect your custom glass tabletop, including tempered and laminated glass, which can protect your home and family from glass breakage. Many outdoor furniture pieces, such as patio tables, need specialty glass. 

Our specialists repair and replace glass from broken doors with upgraded entryways and installations for uniform side windows. We offer energy-efficient glass and hurricane-rated laminated glass to ensure your glass tabletops are protected.

Contact Glass Doctor

Don't settle for store-bought glass tables that don't fit your personality. If you're ready to get help designing your very own custom glass tabletop, contact the specialists at Glass Doctor today at 855-603-1919. We offer in-person, free consultations and will measure glass to fit your needs!