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Custom Glass for Garage Doors

Custom glass garage doors can add a modern and contemporary touch to any home, and they don't just have to be used in your garage. Custom glass garage doors also look great as entryways to backyards and patios, bringing a contemporary industrial style to your backyard space.

If you're thinking of adding glass garage doors to your home, call Glass Doctor® at (855) 603-1919 for high quality custom glass panels.

Custom Glass from Glass Doctor

Once you have a garage door frame picked out or built, Glass Doctor will provide custom glass panels to complete your garage door. We offer several types of custom glass inserts, including:

  • All-weather glass that meets or exceeds industry regulations
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • Decorative glass with matching side window panes
  • Hurricane-rated laminated glass

In order to provide you with a variety of custom designs in a timely manner, Glass Doctor has partnered with numerous high-quality glass vendors. Call your local Glass Doctor location to set up a free at-home consultation with one of our specialists. We will discuss your design ideas and measure your space to decide the exact glass creation that will fit your needs.

Safer Garage Door Glass

Because your garage door will be exposed to the elements, it is important that your custom glass panels be able to withstand the wind, rain and any other weather that is thrown their way. Glass Doctor offers custom-measured safety glass, including tempered and laminated glass, to protect your garage doors from breakage.

Why Glass Doctor?

The specialists at Glass Doctor have the experience and skills it takes to measure and fit custom glass panels for your garage doors.

Our specialists will work with you to determine the best type of glass for your custom garage door panels and install them at a time that works best for you. Our up-front pricing guarantee means you won't have to worry about surprise charges when we're done.

Call Glass Doctor at (855) 603-1919 to schedule a free in-home consultation today.