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How to Clear Condensation from the Inside of Windows

If you have double-paned windows and the seal has failed, you may develop condensation inside of your window. Not only is this problem unsightly, it means you are wasting energy cooling and heating your home. Glass Doctor® can fix the problem and restore the energy efficiency of your double-paned window.

Don't replace the window—save money by replacing the window pane. Call 855-603-1919 to find your local Glass Doctor specialist.

how to defog glassYour home may have double-paned windows to increase energy efficiency. In fact, double-paned windows are twice as effective as single-paned windows at retaining heat in winter and cool air in the summer. These insulated-glass windows are made up of two pieces of glass held together by an insulated spacer. The spacer may be filled with a desiccant—a moisture-absorbing material—to keep the space in between the panes dry. Sometimes, the space between panes is also filled with argon or krypton gas to provide better insulation than air. 

When the seal around these windows fails, fresh air containing moisture can leak into the space between the two pieces of glass where the moisture condenses. The result is a milky appearance or actual water droplets on the inside of the windows, obscuring the view.

Condensation Signals Seal Failure

Because windows are the primary reasons structures lose heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, insulated-glass windows are an important way to regulate temperature and make homes and businesses more energy efficient. When condensation appears on the inside of these windows, it is a signal that the window units are no longer working to maintain temperatures, and that costs money.

Condensation inside windows can be a sign that a window needs to be replaced. Here are a few other reasons to consider replacement:

Reasons to Replace Windows with Condensation on the Inside

Prevent Moisture by Replacing the Pane

keeping mirrors fog freeFortunately, the experts at Glass Doctor can fix your leaky window units without replacing the entire window. They can restore the performance of your double-paned window unit by replacing only the affected pane of glass, saving you time and money.

Save Money, Time and Energy

Your leaky windows are costing you money by sending heat and cooling outside when you need them inside. Don't let the fear of window replacement cost you money and energy efficiency. Let Glass Doctor fix and prevent moisture inside of your windows—at the source of the problem and eliminate the condensation inside your windows. 

Call 855-603-1919 today to find a Glass Doctor specialist near you. You can schedule an appointment with our courteous and professional specialists whenever it is convenient for you.   



Choosing a Well-Insulated Window:

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