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Broken Window Glass

Need advice on how to repair a broken window? Whether you need emergency repair service, are prepared to fix it yourself, or you want a quote on how much professional repair would cost, we've got the answers. 

DIY Window Pane Repair 

If you're confident in your window-repairing skills, and you've got the tools, you can try to fix a broken window pane yourself. This route is risky because you'll be working with sharp edges, and it may end up costing you more than calling a professional glass repair expert because you'll have to buy materials you don't already have. 

First, remove all broken glass to start with a clean window.  

To remove the glass from the window, you will probably have to use a heat gun to soften up the old glazing compound (a substance that binds the window to the frame). Don't forget to wear thick gloves to protect you from sharp window edges.

Remove any residue from the window frame and prepare to re-glaze it. 

You can use a small wire brush to clean off any residue from the window frame. According to DIY Network, if the window is old, you'll need to apply a bead of linseed oil to condition the wood to bond with the new glazing compound. 

Take measurements of the window frame and head to the hardware store. 

Measure the area where the glass will be replaced (try to be precise about the dimensions) and take them to the hardware store. The store should be able to order the size of glass you need. While you're there, grab a pack of push points—small triangles that will hold the window glass in place.  For a small pane of glass, you typically need to use two points on each side.

Using a putty knife and putty, install the new window. 

Apply an even line of putty to the window by holding the putty knife at an angle and smoothing out a single bead of putty in one motion. Once the putty is dry, you can paint it to match your window frame. 

Think it's beyond a DIY Job? You might need an expert. 

Call Glass Doctor® at a time that works best for you. Our professionals have years of experience and may save you time and money. At Glass Doctor, we fix your panes®!

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