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Create Your Own Back Bar Mirror with Shelves

Shopping around for back bar mirrors with shelves, but can't find the right one? Why not create your own? Glass Doctor® specializes in custom mirror solutions for homes and businesses to create the perfect addition to your home and business. If you're looking for stylish ways to accessorize a bar in your home, contact your local Glass Doctor specialists today at (855) 603-1919.

Custom Back Bar Mirror Designs...with Shelves

The specialists at Glass Doctor are ready to help you design the perfect mirrored backsplash, hanging mirror or mirrored wall. Mirrors can create an illusion of space and depth for your guests as they relax and enjoy a cocktail or two. 

Design the Perfect Bar Mirror with Glass Doctor

When you schedule an in-home consultation with a Glass Doctor specialist, we'll help you learn about your options and design the perfect mirror to flatter your liquor shelves. We'll determine the proper measurements and return to install and maintain the newest mirror addition in your home or business. 

We only use the highest quality glass to create flawless mirror solutions for homes. Our glass specialists have been trained and certified by the National Glass Association (NGA) to properly care, handle and install glass and mirror solutions. Specialists even continue their education through Web-based distance learning tools so they stay on top of their skill level.

Hanging mirrors behind liquor shelves in bars started as an old Western practice to allow attendees to see who's entering the bar or who's looking to start a fight. Today, there are many reasons to create back bar mirrors with shelves, the main one being that it's a glamorous way to reflect a bar's liquor stock and tap options. 

No matter your reasons for creating back bar mirrors with shelves for your home bar, consider your local Glass specialists today and schedule a free in-person consultation. Call at (855) 603-1919




Glass Doctor installed the most perfect shower enclosure I've ever seen. Ahead of schedule, on budget, exactly what was ordered! This was a GREAT deal. Thank you.

— Dennis B.

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