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Double Pane Windows

Glass Doctor® of Bayville understands your windows take the brunt of weather extremes. Frequent temperature changes, wind and storms can weigh on a home’s windows, which are the largest source of temperature exchange on a building. An improperly sealed window will leak climate controlled air and cause drafts. Glass Doctor of Bayville specializes in double pane window repair and installation of modern windows. Insulated glass units (IGUs), commonly known as double and triple pane windows, balance and regulate your indoor climate. Homes in Berkley, Manahawkin and the surrounding areas will benefit from the expert glass care Glass Doctor of Bayville provides.

The Benefits of Insulated Glass

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Insulated glass regulates temperature by keeping out the heat and cold, adding comfort and energy efficiency to homes and businesses. During the winter, IGUs reduce the amount of heat that is transmitted out through your windows to maintain a warm temperature inside your home. During the warm months, IGUs reduce the heat gain from the outdoors. As a result, your homes heating and cooling systems are utilized less, saving you energy and money.

Parts of a Double Pane Window

Insulated glass units consist of at least two panes of glass with a spacer separating the pieces of glass and sealing the space between them. These spacers may be filled with a desiccant, a moisture-absorbing substance, or made of non-conductive material. The perimeter of the window unit is sealed with a special adhesive to prevent condensation from accumulating between the panes. Krypton or argon gas is added to the airspace between the panes for additional insulation in some units.

Replacing Insulated Glass

Despite the many advances of modern windows, over time the seals will break. Indicators of a broken seal are a milky look or condensation beneath your panes. At Glass Doctor of Bayville, we specialize in double pane window repair and glass replacement. Instead of replacing the entire window, our team of glass specialists will install insulated glass pane replacements in your existing frames at a price that’s budget-friendly. Contact Glass Doctor of Bayville for your double pane window needs. We service Beachwood, Ship Bottom, Barnegat and the surrounding areas.